Holding A Light In The Darkness

This is a letter I received from Pastor Reza Safa recently:

In our effort to obstruct the expansion of evil, we must be careful not to incite hatred, injustice, or bigotry against any group of people or their belief system.  However, in being careful and politically correct we may also step to the other side of the curb and become static and inert.  In doing so, which I believe we have in regards to Islam, we will allow a giant to be raised which cannot be slain with only a stone or two!

Upon every wall that protects a city, there are always watchmen to guard the city’s inhabitants from foreign invaders.   They are to watch and alarm the officials of the city in case of danger.  What if the watchmen?s voice was not heard and the foreign invaders had already infiltrated the walls of the city?   What if the governor of the city did not heed the warnings of the watchmen and believed that he could appease the invaders with a compromise for peaceful co-existence?  Would it be politically correct to examine the identity of the invaders?  Jesus must have not been a politically correct man because he warned of the world’s system.  And the politically correct world hated Him for it.   Well, if we are to follow our Master, we must also testify of that which we know.

Can A True Muslim Be A True American?

As the number of Muslims is growing in America and as the number of terrorist acts carried out by the radical Muslims is increasing, we must define Islam and determine if it is a safe belief system that is able to co-exist with the American people and the Constitution of the United States !    What if the Islamic laws oppose the Constitution of the United States ?  Can the Constitution protect such a belief system because it has a label of ?religion??   How can the American Constitution protect an entity that contradicts it?  Can the Constitution of the United States survive while protecting Islam?  According to my knowledge of the Islamic Shari?a law and the 1500-year history of Islam, it cannot.

As Islamic terrorism is finding new ways of harming America , the American dream and American liberty are shrinking.  We are being prohibited and limited more and more. The way we travel, the way we speak, and even the way we think is being controlled and watched.

When I lived in America in 1978-79 as a radical Muslim, almost everything here bothered me.  As a Muslim I was grieved on a daily basis by the life-style of the American people.  Everything except fast food looked unclean to me.  And even with that I had a hard time because the meat was not Hallal (kosher in accordance to the Shari?a law).   I often had to step on my religious conscience in order to survive living in the United States .   It is impossible for a true Muslim to live in America peaceably unless he or she is isolated in their own environment. That?s how I survived in Houston , Texas .  I lived and interacted with Muslims only.  Our friends used to slaughter a lamb in their bathtub; that’s where we got our meat.  One day as they were cutting the throat of the lamb, the animal took off running.  It jumped out of the window and went running and bleeding down the street.  That was the end of our kosher meat and my friends were arrested.  By the end of a year and a half I was bitter and tired.  I left America for Iran to be part of the Islamic revolution.  At that time there was only one Mosque in Houston, today there are over 90 Mosques in that city.

For a Muslim to live in American society, he or she must face many difficulties while trying to be true to their faith.  To be a true American Muslim is a miracle!  How can it be?  There is a constant internal battle waging in the soul of a true Muslim living in the United States unless he or she lives completely isolated in an Islamic community where no interaction with Jews, Christians, or atheists is possible.  American Muslims have to deny and neglect many of the Quran’s commandments in order to avoid trouble with the law in this country.  Here are a few examples:  Please Click this link.  http://www.nejattv.org/sendout/attachment022010.pdf

To Be Continued ?
Pastor Reza F. Safa


Comments on: "Can A True Muslim Be A True American?" (3)

  1. Bilal M Hasan said:

    Yes, a true Muslim can live his or hers religion in American.The prophet Muhammed, live in Arabia when it was deep in darkness. American is know different. The earth belong to Allah. Islam is here to make the world a better place. Islam brought new light to the world.

    • Hi Bilal, I want to direct you to a “former” Muslim from Iran, to get his opinion on Islam and his understanding: http://www.nejattv.org/rs.php

      Islam has the “fruit” of hatred and jihad all over it. It is a “religion” of domination, not peace. For those Muslims that are peaceful, I am grateful, but too many are not. Jihad is mentioned 40 times in the Koran.

      It is NEVER mentioned in the Bible. They are complete opposites! Muhammad never claimed to be the Messiah. Jesus did! Why would you serve a “man” that was never deity, anymore than you or I? Please read my recent post about eternity: https://kingdomchild.wordpress.com/2010/10/16/preparation-h/

  2. Bilal M Hasan said:

    Yes, a true muslim can live in American. The Prophet Muhammed live in Arabia, when it was deep in darkness,
    American is know different. Islam is from God, it is to bring life from bad to good. God, tell us to take the best there of. American is a wilderness and a civilization at the same time. It:s the duty of the civilize person to bring the light. We thank Allah for this light of Islam. Look at the Good that islam has given to the world. Let pray for peace in the Middle East and the world.

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